Application Details

RIA/CE will take place during a 5-week period Workshop from October –November 2016 , February 25 to 31st March 2017 &October 11-November 17 2017. Artists are encouraged to participate in the entire Exchange and these artists will be given priority during the selection process. However, there is the option of participating in one or more of the weekly sessions space permitting.

RIACE Festive Season October-November 2016 Program Schedule:

The 5 sessions are: October 11-17
October 18-24
October 25-31
November 1-7
November 8-16

RIACE Festive Season February –March 2017 Program Schedule:

The 5 sessions are: February26 –March 4
March 5- 11
March 12-18
March 19-25
March 26-31st

RIACE Festive Season Sep.-November 2017 Program Schedule:

The 5 sessions are: September 29-Oct 6
October 7-12
October 13-19
October 20 -26
October 27-November 3

How to Apply

Applications for Raghurajpur International Art/Culture Exchange (RIA/CE 2016 & 17) are being accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis. There are still several openings left for RIA/CE 2016, so if you are interested in attending, please submit your application as soon as possible.

Artists that applied last year must resubmit their applications for consideration. Submit the following information via email at

  • Application form filled out in full (can be downloaded below)
  • Current resume/Curriculum Vitae
  • Six digital images representative of your current artwork (include the materials/medium, year of work)
  • Artist’s statement (200 words or less) describing your art practice

  • Short write-up (200 words or less) detailing why you would like to attend RIA/CE 2016/2017 .

  1. A letter of invitation will be forwarded to artist’s for use in obtaining funding. We do not have scholarships available at this time.
  2. A total amount of $1500 USD(5 weeks) is the charge of the residency.
  3. A non refundable deposit of $300 US (per week) is required in order to hold selected artist’s spots in the Exchange. Can be submitted via western union money exchange or post. If not received, another artist will be selected and your spot will be forfeited.
  4. A waiver of liability will be required from all artists’ participating in RIA/CE 2016/2017.
  5. In the event circumstances make it impossible for you to attend RIA/CE, please let us know so we can fill the vacated spot.

To Download RIACE Festive Season 2016 Application form Click here here


To Download RIACE Festive Season Feb. - March 2017 Application form Click here here


To Download RIACE Festive Season Sep- November 2017 Application form Click here here

Queries/Contact Us

If you have any questions, please forward them to RIA/CE at or Ph :09937268401

( Project Director RIA/CE) Khitish Das (Orissa)
International coordinator Emily Clarke ( Ireland)
(President RIA/CE) PravatPrusty