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Can you imagine the existence of a single charger for any mobile? This has just happened recently after the approval of the European Parliament with the aim of lowering costs. In this article, we tell you the advantages offered by this proposal. The European Parliament has recently approved a regulation to use a single charger for all mobile phones sold in the European Union. A proposal that puts one of the leading companies in the development of smartphones in check: Apple and its lightning cable.

phone charger

This regulation, on the other hand, would not harm the rest of the brands because more than 80% of smartphones sold in Europe have an Android operating system and, therefore, use USB Type-C connectors, a model that would have to Replace Apple with its usual connector. The European Community expects the standard to be mandatory in summer 2020. Therefore, these types of chargers will have to be used regardless of the brand they belong to and the operating system they own.

A Serious Ecological Problem

The change is imminent, but what is the reason for this change?

Members of Parliament argued that the use of different cables is a problem for the environment given the greater number of cables in circulation.

Because of this, the objective of implementing this standard is to reduce the large number of chargers that we do not use due to the diversity of cables that exist when acquiring a specific smartphone.

According to data provided by the European Union, about 51,000 tons of garbage produced by these tools are generated annually.

It Is Not The First Time It Happens

Surely many users are surprised by this proposal, but to the surprise of many a similar case occurred in 2009.

On this occasion, Apple, along with 10 mobile phone companies, reached an agreement to use a common connector. After this agreement, the apple company continued selling its products with its own charger but including a micro-USB adapter.

Wireless Charging As An Alternative

Wireless Charger

One way to save costs on chargers is to encourage the use of wireless charging.

There are already brands that have this modality such as Apple, Huawei or Xiaomi. It would also involve the use of a single charger on those phones that have that capacity.

This may mean the end of the battle between the lightning cable and the USB Type-C charger. And, most importantly, it would be a possibility of saving costs in the production of charging devices.

Many experts say that in the future smartphones will not have a connector and that the only way to recharge the batteries will be without using cables.

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