Workshop Details

RIA/CE 2012 Workshops

RIA/CE 2012 will be held from October 13th to November 19th. Five weekly workshop sessions will take place during RIA/CE. Classes will be held Monday through Friday. Saturdays are free days and Sundays are celebration days. Master craftsmen will host the workshops and instructional tools and materials will be provided for use during the workshops. Artists may purchase their own sets of tools and/or additional materials at additional cost. Artists can choose to study one subject during the entire Exchange, attend different workshops each week, or work on their own projects and not attend workshops

Cost & Accommodations:

RIA/CE is a not for profit enterprise. To cover expenses of housing, food and workshops, artists will be charged $200 US per week (approximately 10,000 rs per week).


  • Room -- Artists are housed in a building that was built to be the village library. Sleeping areas range from double rooms to spacious open rooms that can sleep up to eight artists. Per local custom, beds are mattresses on the floor with pillow and sheet.
  • Local food -- 3 meals are provided each day. Tea and coffee are available throughout the day. Filtered water will be available for artist’s to use to fill their water bottles. (The spring water in the village is also potable.) Food will be real Oriyan vegetarian dishes, typical of the food the villagers eat. Chicken or fish may be offered on special occasions.
  • Weekly art celebrations are held for presentation of art and performances by local and visiting artists. These include amazing performances by Oriyan dancers, musicians, singers and artists.
  • Participation in weekly workshops. Artists can attend any of the offered workshops as long as it's for the one-week period (in other words, don't "workshop hop" during the week). Artists can attend the same workshop for the entire 5 weeks if they want concentrated work in that area or they can choose a different workshop each week. Artists are welcomed to work on their personal artwork in lieu of attending workshops if desired for some or all of the time.
  • Use of grounds for installations and performances.  Grounds include numerous interesting spaces -- river, ponds, palm groves, ancient tree forests, surrounding tribal villages, wide streets, cultural center, open fields.
  • Extensive press coverage - Press releases of all RIA/CE events and activities will be prepared and sent to media outlets in India and the countries of participating artists.
  • If possible, a final presentation of work completed during RIA/CE 2012 will take place at Lalitkala Academy in Bhubaneshwar.