Palm leaf carving

AWESOME CLASS!! Very thoughtful teacher and good pace of work.
-- Melissa Daubert, USA

Dating from 795 AD, palm leaf carving (or etching) involves engraving words or images into palm leaf slats with steel styluses and then staining the slats with ink to reveal the fine images. This skill is unique to this area of India and truly an amazing artform. Artisans in Raghurajpur have preserved this skill and produce intricately detailed chronicles about Hindu Gods and village life.

This was a brilliant class and definitely one of the highlights of the residency. Everything about it worked really well from the interesting subject matter to the satisfying results not to mention having a really good teacher. I can't think of anything that needs changing in regards to this class. I think it was very successful this year and will prove to be very successful next year also.
--- Gráinne Bird, Ireland