Pata chitra ( PATA PAINTING )

Raghurajpur is known for its special type of paintings called the Pata Chitra. This is a traditional Indian painting form, which is done on cloth. The cloth is first coated with a unique mixture of chalk and gum and left to dry. It is thereafter polished before the actual painting work can begin. The painted cloth, known as 'pata' is used as a backdrop to the idol of the deities. Patas are now used as wall hangings.
Pata chitra painting was cool...amazing colors and detail, studying this heritage art form with a master was an unparalleled experience.
   -- Ben DeRubertis, USA
In Raghurajpur, there are close to fifty families of pata painters. The chitrakars also make unique, circular playing cards known as ganjapa which are popular in villages all over Orissa. Usually, the lane in which these painters or chitrakaras live is called Chitrakar Sahi. The walls of the thatched houses are painted with colorful murals.